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Tempura batter deep fried roll

Tsunami Roll  12
Tempura deep-fried with crab sticks and cream cheese; topped with eel sauce and sesame seeds

Kentucky Roll   12
Fried chicken, cream cheese, and asparagus; topped with garlic mayo, crunchy, and eel sauce

Jasmine Roll   15
Assorted fish, crab, cream cheese, masago; topped with scallions and special sauce (no sushi rice)

Kanisu & Miami Nice Roll (Wrap Rolls)

Thinly-rolled and peeled cucumber wrap, cut into 6 pieces, and served with our special sauce. Ginger and wasabi come on request. (Rolls do not contain rice.)

Miami Nice Roll* 

Tuna, crab, avocados, and cream cheese; served with ponzu sauce.   13

J.B. Tempura Roll 

Tempura deep-fried with salmon, cream cheese, and scallions; topped with eel sauce and sesame seeds.   12


Crab and avocados; served with masago and tangy rice vinegar.   11.5

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